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Features of the credits in foreign currency

Features of the credits in foreign currencyCrediting in our country is very widespread bank service. Because crediting is so demanded, banks offer clients all new and new services. Now, different types of the credits are available to clients. It is very convenient, as each person can choose for itself the most favorable credit.

Widespread types of loan:
• Credit cash;
• The credit in foreign currency;
• Urgent credit;
• Microcrediting.


The credits in foreign currency

One of the most popular credits, the credit in foreign currency recently is. It is very favorable credit as here the client can win on falling or exchange rate growth. It is one of the most favorable credits for those who is able to play on exchange rate. The matter is that the bank at issuance of credit in foreign currency, gives opportunity to the borrower, to return the taken means both in foreign, and in national currency. Thus, if the exchange rate grew by the time of repayment of the loan, you can return to bank the same sum, in the same currency. If the course of this currency went on fall, then you can repay a debt of the credit organization in national currency. The main thing when you sign the crediting contract, carefully to read all conditions.

Before taking the credit in inostranno currency, it is necessary to study carefully the contract, contents are more true than it. Some banks, forbid to return the taken money on credit in other currency. Thus, if you took the credit in dollars, in dollars you and will need to return it. This condition, is favorable to bank, but it is not absolutely favorable to the borrower. Therefore, mainly, pay attention to in what currency it is necessary to repay debt.

Also, at the conclusion of such contract, often the tariff rate pays off in national currency that also it is not so favorable to the borrower. For the borrower, the most important – conveniently if percent on the credit count in the same currency, as the money taken on credit will be very favorable also. Therefore, before the conclusion of the contract of crediting on the terms of delivery of money in foreign currency, pay attention to the above-stated aspects.

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