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Choice of a favorable contribution

Choice of a favorable contributionIf to start with term of placement of the money, we it is possible to allocate two look:
– deposits the urgent bank;
– deposits poste restante.
Will be poste restante much more convenient for many because give the chance to discount the sum at any time when they can be necessary. But in such deposits lower interest rate is provided. As to profitability of such investments, they are directly connected with duration of term of placement and with the sum which you put. If big money to put for long term, it will be more profitable, than small money for the period insignificant.

Fixed deposits

It turns out so more often that than the investor presumes to dispose more freely of the deposit, profitability of an investment is lower than subjects. The most favorable deposits are such which take place for the term from one year and not possibility dates ahead of schedule them to take away. And before putting money in bank, not out of place will study all conditions of early repayment and other moments. So you for yourselves define the highest percent on deposits and can not only keep honest earned, but also to increase them.

Fixed deposits can be two types:
– the accumulative;
– the savings.

The savings differ that you cannot fill up them. But is and many other bank deposits with which you can familiarize. For example, there are deposits which provide capitalization of percent. The essence of such deposits is that every month the contribution sum перерассчитывается.

The most favorable deposits

Before putting in bank the money, it is necessary to understand, for what purposes you do it. Them can be as much as necessary. Here the most widespread:
– reserve formation;
– accumulation for the necessary sum on the mortgage or automobile loan;
– accumulation on other large expenditure.
When will choose bank, look at term and on quantity of money. It is necessary to understand also, what even the most favorable deposits yet do not guarantee high level of the income. A bit different mechanisms here come into force.

Important condition also is insurance of a contribution to time of placement of the deposit. In case the financial organization will be declared bancrupt, insurers will return you all money. Certainly, almost all banks are insured, but after all it will be better to specify this moment before entrusting the financial means to this establishment. Superfluous it will not be exact.

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