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Germany and its value in world economy

Germany and its value in world economyIn the world Germany takes on population the twelfth place, on production of GNP – the third, and on export – the second. If to recede it is a little from figures, we can tell, what exactly Germany designate quite deservedly the locomotive of modern economy, and not only European, but also and world. If to trust statistics, on level of the economic development and on a share in world production this country it is possible to carry easily to the most advanced in the world. It enters already today in so-called "the big seven".

Than still Germany is famous

Also we will note that Germany in the early nineties was on the fifth place on competitiveness level. It advanced only:
– USA;
– Singapore;
– Japan;
– Hong Kong.
However it turned out so a bit later that from the fifth place it left on the ninth. However now it again takes the worthy place in world economy.

Germany in the twenty first century

The beginning of a present eyelid was not so well reflected in indicators of Germany. Gross domestic product gain in 2001 appeared in the whole four times lower, than srednemirovy, and even it is less, than in the USA. Besides, on this important indicator Germany even in EU was removed on the most last place. In 2002 no positive changes occurred. Germany, its role in world economy – course and the thesis will tell you more about this country, and including about this period.

But then there was a miracle – every year Germany started to show all best results while again did not take the advanced place. So the beginnings of the century can be considered as crisis in national economy. Experts hope that such decrease as was, will not repeat any more more.

In the world commodity markets competitiveness of the German industry especially is now high. If we take and we will group product range of world export to fourteen integrated positions, we will receive the first place in five groups:
– chemical industry;
– electronic equipment;
– mechanical engineering;
– processing the industries;
– foodstuff.

We observe such jump, most likely, thanks to commitment and diligence of the German people. And it is valid, the aspiration always to be the first and the beskompromissnost in quality distinguished inhabitants of Germany from others. That’s it therefore also it is possible to say that Germany and will develop further.

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