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Payment system of Vuppey

Payment system of VuppeyToday electronic commerce not simply develops, and and is, probably, at peak of the development. Many people work today on the Internet, and here therefore there was a question of thinking up such system which would allow to carry out payment with each other, without leaving from the computer. Before such was not, but then developers seriously prosecuted such subjects, and today we can see results.
Today there is a lot of payment electronic systems, but there are most known – so to speak, leaders. And one of such leaders also is just the system of Vuppey. In spite of the fact that it was formed relatively recently – later, than some other systems – it has full authority to be called as the old resident of the market of Internet calculations.

The payment system of Vuppey in 2002 opened, but till 2008 it carried other name – RUPay is perfect. And for a small period, together with system of calculations of WebMoney which all of us perfectly know, it occupied one of the top positions of systems of payments. And now we can safely prepare that it is one of the best and convenient.

Initially developers were going to create such system only for that citizens of Ukraine could register conveniently for payments with Russians. And already name which was in the past, speaks about it. Pay attention: capital letters designate names of the countries – R-is Russia, and U – Ukraine.

However today this system became international. To begin work with it, you ре should establish any additional software. You can register absolutely free of charge the account in Vuppey and to become the user of very convenient and universal tool for management of the electronic cash.

So, by means of Vuppey you have possibility to carry out any money transfers both in the country, and between the states. Besides, you have a possibility to sell, buy and change digital currencies, and also to conduct electronic commerce on the Internet with all conveniences. You can deduce the electronic means to yourselves on the bank account, receive cash in point of an exchange or enlist them on a bank card. Look, how it will be convenient to you.

Here, by the way, you can choose to yourselves a purse of two levels – Expanded and Standard. In more detail about it read on an official site this systems.

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