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Registration of offshore firm in the United Arab Emirates

Registration of offshore firm in the United Arab EmiratesIf you register the offshore firm in any of the Emirates the United Arab Emirates, can do then the business in the conditions of full economic and political stability. In addition, when opening business in the Emirates, you fully release yourselves from such moments, as:
– all types of the customs duties;
– taxes;
– taxes on import of the goods and on its export.
At everything thus you will have a remarkable possibility to strengthen the business thanks to that it is possible to carry out capital repatriation. It also in the United Arab Emirates is not assessed with any taxes.


Advantages of an offshore

Arab Emirates are, probably, the most attractive country to register there the offshore companies. The representation of this country makes big efforts to involve the foreign capital and to develop all ways the economy. In many Emirates completely there is no collecting, and separate branches of economy even are subsidized. Money is invested in:
– science;
– education;
– culture;
– infrastructure.

Thanks to foreign policy of the state stability and safety in the financial market is provided. Believe, for offshore registration you will not find more favorable country. The Walton Consultants company is ready to render to you any kinds of legal services which can be useful to you at registration of the offshore company. So by all means use this offer.

Here the main advantages of the offshore company in the United Arab Emirates:
– possibility to own the company for hundred percent;
– release from payment of taxes;
– modern communication system;
– absolute repatriation of the capital and income;
– lack of need to hand over the reporting;
– support of local authorities.

Offshore registration in Ras Al Hayma

One of the most attractive bonded economic areas for registration of offshore firm is Ras Al Hayma. The enterprises which here are founded, can conduct activity outside of this zone. According to the legislation, to such companies the tax on a gain of the capital and on profit is not applied. Moreover, such firm can belong for hundred percent to the foreign citizen. As to the procedure of registration, it very fast and clear. If you address in the specialized company, there to you can help to settle all formalities and to register the offshore company in this remarkable place.

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