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Order of receiving a credit card according to passport

Order of receiving a credit card according to passportIn a rating of the most popular and demanded credit products provided to citizens by banks, very strong positions credit cards can brag. People who regularly use them, highly appreciate first of all "mnogorazovost" concerning application of debt funds. Including they are pleased by that fact that existence of a credit card allows to get such products and things on which under other circumstances they should save money long time. Nevertheless, for its receiving you need to convince bank employees of the solvency. In some bank offices is admissible to receive such card only on passport presentation.


Receiving a credit card according to the passport

For the majority of inhabitants of the Russian Federation confirmation of the solvency (that is – providing the relevant documents confirming this fact) – a condition very difficult. Many people have informal sources of the income, and therefore upon can be considered as the unemployed. Others exist at the expense of investments, stockjobbings or delivery of apartments/houses in rent. For this reason for such citizens receiving a credit card only on passport presentation also is provided. Today the majority of banking institutions is ready to provide a plastic credit card after presentation by the citizen of the passport. Thus, nowadays it is possible to receive credit cards according to the passport, without presentation of any papers confirming your solvency. What main details of procedure of registration of a credit card thus? If you decided to make a credit card for purchase of things on which now you have no superfluous finance, address in bank. Here you can:

• To fill the corresponding questionnaire
• To show the passport to the employee of bank


Subtleties of registration of a plastic credit card according to the passport

In the course of filling of the similar questionnaire you need to report only exact and truthful data as further the security service of this or that financial institution will be thoroughly and to study scrupulously the data specified by you in the questionnaire. During receiving credit "plastic" you also should face a number of some restrictions. Among those the following:

• The age of the recipient should be within 20-55 years
• You should provide the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation
• You should have a registration of regular type in the region of concrete financial institution

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