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Concept of the current bank account

Concept of the current bank accountThe current account in bank is a special version of a bank account which can be opened by concrete bank to his clients strictly on contractual base with a view of:

  • Storages of financial means
  • Implementation of these or those settlement and cash operations according to provisions of the contract
  • Services and the services provided to owners of current accounts

    Today the abundance of banks is capable not only to open to the client the settlement account, but also to provide it a range of services and services within settlement and cash service. Thus, all individuals possessing the personal settlement account, can:

  • To open the current mono – or the multiple currency account
  • To make payments by monetary cash with the subsequent transfer in favor of these or those economic subjects
  • To enlist financial means on the settlement account
  • To pay any utilities
  • To carry out conversion operations
  • To make clearing settlements for provided services and the received goods and so on
  • Receive more detailed online consultation on subject of the settlement account you can on page Besides the listed services owners of settlement bank accounts also can encash money (to discount means) and to make money transfers within the country and beyond its limits.

    As any settlement or current account understand the concrete account used by bank or any other settlement establishment with a view of the strict and regular accounting of these or those monetary operations. Such account can sometimes be called:

    • Account poste restante • Check account

    That fact is important also that current state of each subsequent settlement account usually quite corresponds to total amount of financial means which are a legal property of the client.

    Accounts of this kind are, as a rule, applied strictly with a view of obtaining the regular passive income or percent specially to the subsequent accumulation. The base purpose of any settlement account and its operation is safe, dynamic and reliable access to financial means. According to the first requirement by means of such accounts various orders (via every possible channels of transfers) can be transferred. The in itself term «the current or settlement account», as a rule, belongs to accounts of individuals for realization of settlement operations which are not connected directly with activity of enterprise character or private practice, as that.

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