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As it is correct to extinguish the credit or how to avoid bank dodges?

As it is correct to extinguish the credit or how to avoid bank dodges?Today, crediting of physical and legal entities is the most widespread bank service. Many willingly take the credits for the various purposes. At first sight, it is very convenient service for the client. Many diligent clients, take the credit and not once, and everything, it seems, suits all. But, often happens so that the client can have problems even if he is the diligent payer. So of that it is necessary to be afraid, if you take the credit?


Dodges of banks

Diligent clients who took the credit in bank and regularly pay it, often appear in unpleasant situations. For example such phenomenon, as penalties for delay of payments for diligent borrowers became recently very widespread. This scheme very simple. The borrower, every month in time pays the sum taking into account an interest rate, but forgets about commission payment, for this operation. As a rule, anybody about it does not warn the borrower. Thus, the payer every month after payment, still has the small duty, for example thirty rubles. These thirty rubles collect every month. Also collect together with them and percent. In addition, penal percent for failure to pay still drip. When the sum reaches in total five or ten thousand rubles, the bank sends the notice in order that the borrower extinguished debt. So, when you repay the credit, specify better, how many you should in total, taking into account the commissions, percent and so on.

There can be problems and with early repayment of the credit. For example, besides you ahead of schedule extinguished the credit, and about the commission forgot. No, not about that commission which raises bank for payment introduction, that is for the services, and the commission for early repayment of the credit. In this case, the scheme is identical to the previous. But, here you think that you got rid of the credit, and actually to you the notice about the requirement to pay debt taking into account penal percent after a while comes.

How to avoid bank dodges:
• Attentively read the contract up to the end;
• Keep all receipts;
• Bring payment some days before the term termination current month.

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