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Favorable capital investments

Favorable capital investmentsThe main task of the person which earned the work money, is to protect them from inflation and to make so that the saved-up means worked and made profit. So investment of money is considered process extraordinary responsible, and in many respects productivity of investments directly affects personal wellbeing and on wellbeing of a family. Let’s think, where it is favorable to enclose and why.

Bank deposits

Citizens of our country and neighboring states prefer bank deposits. It speaks that here it is not necessary to understand economy, to study instruments of management and so on. Simply put money for the deposit, and draw to itself monthly interest. By the way, in the West countries much less population trusts banks, than in Russia. In the developed countries people got used to diversify accumulation – that is, to force money to work at the same time in several directions. It allows to minimize risks. Bank deposits too can be meant, but the profit here will be minimum. It only will cover inflation, no more. So bank deposits can be considered more as a method of preservation of means, instead of accumulation.

Precious metals

Where to invest money asks everyone who has them. And often comes to mind thought to invest money and rarities and precious metals. Pieces of paper, as it is known will decay, but gold will not bring you never. From ancestors, by the way, we also inherited belief in reliability of an investment in jewelry. But it is not necessary to think, as if here everything is so simple:
– bought metal;
– waited, while it will go up in price;
– sold and live quietly.
There are tens banks which to private investors suggest to buy ingots from one gram to kg, however persons upon purchase pay in the VAT. At everything thus it is necessary to understand that if you will come to bank and will sell the same ingot, the VAT to you will return nobody. The price of ingots in bank that you knew, percent on twenty above, than world.

Real estate

Purchase of real estate is considered around the world in the reliable way to keep the terribly acquired. And it it is possible to call the enterprise much less risky, than purchase of actions or the same mutual funds. And in real estate those who does not trust banks put generally. In this case the risk of loss of the enclosed money comes to naught actually to naught. At least, that you bought, then it will be possible to sell and return the means back.

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