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The credit for urgent needs from Halyk Bank

The credit for urgent needs from Halyk BankIn life situations when the sum of money exceeding the sum of own savings is urgently necessary are frequent. Furniture purchase, replacement of the failed refrigerator, the washing machine or the computer – all these and many other purchases belong to the category of the urgent. But where to take quite large sum of money for them? To make an application on the consumer credit in tenge or US dollars for urgent needs in Halyk Bank.

Advantages of consumer crediting in Halyk Bank

One of the main advantages of this credit offer – bank does not trace target use of a loan, that is you can spend debt funds absolutely for any purchases in any place.

Halyk Bank provides flexible terms of return of a loan – from 3 to 120 months that will allow you to choose a comfortable maturity date of the credit, and a low effective interest rate – from 16.8 % per annum.

The high credit limit does this offer even more attractive. You can take on credit from 150 000 tenges (1000 US dollars) to  30 000 000 tenges ( 200 000 US dollars). And at the loan sum to  15 000 000 ( 100 000 US dollars) are not required confirmation of the income.

Conditions of receiving credit

For receiving the consumer credit for urgent needs the initial contribution is not required. It is not required as well documentary confirmation of the income if cost of pledge covers the loan sum not less than for 50 %.

As providing on the credit the commercial or noncommercial real estate, and also motor transport, being in a property of the borrower or the third party can act.

The bank carries out insurance of real estate of the borrower and the client upon accidents, insurance of motor transport which is representing itself as pledge, is carried out by his owner.

You should pay to bank the following collecting:

1)     for consideration of the demand for the credit – 2000 tenges;

2)     for the credit organization – 1 % from the credit sum (but not less than 10 000 tenges);

3)     for transfer of money for your account – 1 % from the loan sum.

List of the documents necessary for consideration of the demand for credit

That the bank accepted your demand to consideration, you should present the following documents:

1)     the identity card of the applicant and a sozayemshchik (with his participation);

2)     RNN/IIN and SIK of the applicant and a sozayemshchik (with his participation);

3)     documents on offered providing (title and identification);

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