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That Kelimbetov reported about Utemuratovs plans on change of banking

That Kelimbetov reported about Utemuratovs plans on change of bankingThe chairman of National bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kayrat Kelimbetov told about plans of the local businessman of Damask steel of Utemuratov. Utemuratov possesses a large sum of actions of joint-stock association “True Capital”. It planned “a certain consolidation” in the banking. It is known that it was decided to sell "Temirbank" actions to association “True Capital”. Now this group began to possess the big block of shares “Bank alliance”. In expert opinion, will make big success in the future of the decision on activity “Bank alliance”. During a meeting with the journalists, occurring on Tuesday, Kayrat Kelimbetov told that he counts on consolidation in the future in this group having four banks from system, consisting of thirty eight banks.

It is known that at the end of 2013 correspondents of joint-stock association “National welfare fund "Samruk-Kazyna" reported on the decision of State Fund Kazakhstana to sell to Utemuratova about 80 % of ordinary actions of association "Temirbank", and also 16 % of ordinary actions and the actions having special privileges in joint-stock association “Bank alliance”. Between the parties the arrangement on obligatory execution of this decision was concluded. Will be by all means transferred to JSC Temirbank of 79,88 % of ordinary actions, and to JSC Alyans bank will transfer 16 % of ordinary actions and the actions, having privileges.

According to the solution of this operation the controlling stake in JSC Alyans banke receives Samruk-Kazyna fund which in hands has 51 % of ordinary actions and the securities having privileges. It it was openly declared. Now it is necessary, that these decisions approved bodies of regulation. It is planned to make at the beginning of 2014. Before carrying out purchase, the purchaser wants to carry out consultations of creditors of Joint-stock association "Temirbank". Also he intends in the future under existing laws to contact other participants of joint-stock company who do not possess a controlling stake of this society. There are data that Damask steel Utemuratov possesses joint-stock associations of JSC Forte Bank and "Kassa Nova Bank".

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