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As it is correct to make the demand for the credit

As it is correct to make the demand for the creditIn a certain degree successful receiving the credit depends on such factor, as competent filling of the questionnaire. And it is necessary to pay attention to one important point: today it is already possible to fill the questionnaire not only in paper form by hand, but also on a site in an electronic form.

How competently to fill

Great attention turn on that field which are noted by an asterisk. It is necessary to fill them first of all, and they to filling are obligatory. And if suddenly you pass at least one such field, your demand will not begin even to consider. In other words, you will waste time. But if will work with the questionnaire in bank office then to you will help with filling and will point to the allowed mistakes.

For example, if you have in possession an own country site and about it is asked in the questionnaire, you simply should write "yes". Whether "You were instituted criminal proceedings?" Answer "no". Well and so on.
Besides, you will need to specify:
– date of the birth;
– passport number;
– registration address;
– work place;
– number of the second document which confirms the personality.
However, the list of necessary documents in each bank can be the, but these it is necessary to specify.

That can demand from you bank

Remember that than there will be a sum of the credit and than bigger term of crediting then the bank from you will demand more details more. Never ignore questions concerning your marital status, presence of children and the financial obligations. In case you pay the alimony or are the businessman who ran into debt tax, it everything can emerge during verification of your questionnaire. So we advise from bank of nothing to conceal – all the same learn. When filling the questionnaire is insistently advised to lie to conceal any information. Otherwise you will bring in "black list", and will take the credit then very much and it is very problematic. You can ask the staff of bank how to fill the questionnaire. They surely will help you.

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