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How to arrive if bank does not pay percent on the deposit?

How to arrive if bank does not pay percent on the deposit?In a depositary contribution there is a mass of advantages. First, you can not only keep, but also save up a certain sum. Secondly, the bank that you store money on the account, pays you percent. Thus, you can also to earn. But, everything would be good, if not one problem. Sometimes, banks do not pay the promised percent what to do in this case?

How to avoid problems with bank:
• Attentively study the contract;
• Keep all received receipts;
• All claims show in writing, and the certified copy keep at itself.

Why the bank does not pay percent on the deposit?

As a rule, there are some cases when the bank does not pay the promised percent. The first case it when is withdrawn from bank the license. In this case, the bank to which you entrusted the means, any more is not banks. The bank can suspend all operations. In this situation, it is important to draw already not interest, and at least money which you entrusted. In such situation, you can address with the written statement in bank administration, for return of the means. All your means should be insured, by the way, they are insured automatically. To you are obliged to pay seven hundred thousand rubles if your deposit exceeds this sum. If the sum is less, your sum is paid to you. If, your deposit account exceeded the received sum, you should solve already all questions through court.

There is a situation other when the bank is operating, but percent you are not transferred. Then, it is necessary to study the contract carefully. As a rule, in the signed contract it is certain that if the client, that is the investor does not demand payment of percent, they are automatically enlisted into his account and come back on expiration of the contract. If you came to bank with the requirement to give out percent on a contribution for last month, and bank you did not give out them, it is necessary to write the application to the bank management, for an explanation of the reasons. The bank is obliged to answer you within ten days and to explain the reason. With this answer, you can address to the lawyer and then, this question will be solved according to the civil legislation.

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